• Had enough of traffic jams and scarce parking spaces? Looking for an easy-to-use bike? B'twin's electrically-assisted bike is for you!

    B'twin's latest creation, an electrically-assisted bike, is a great way to get around town. Give your transport budget a boost and help protect the planet! By leaving your car at home, you're doing your bit for the environment and keeping your transport costs down.

    The 250 W motor will help you achieve speeds of up to 25 kmph with ease, so you're not all hot and sweaty when you arrive at the office. Cycling can be a real pleasure and give you more freedom in your urban travel plans, and for leisurely rides out.

    And whatsmore, because it's electrically assisted, you still keep fit. The Elops 7 electric is a bike after all. You need to pedal to start up the motor, ensuring gentle exercise with every ride.

    The Elops 7 electric won't go unnoticed, so we recommend you remove the battery pack whenever you park up, and don't forget to use the lock.
    Check out the Elops 7e in your Decathlon store and online at btwin.com

    Try it, you'll love it!